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Frequently Asked Questions
How fast is Gig-Guide™?

Very fast.
A lot of our clients upgrade from their current Micrsoft Access system and are astounded by the speed improvements.
All our systems are tested to 50,000 entries in all databases and queries remain under 0.1 seconds.
Generated pages are also optimised, so the speed is adaquate even over a telephone line.

How do I know if Gig-Guide™ can be installed on my web site?

All professional web hosting packages (and most consumer packages) can run Gig-Guide™.
Database support is already built in, therefore no upgrading is required.
All programs use PERL, the industry standard for cgi applications.
Stable, reliable and platform independant.

Is Gig-Guide™ available in other languages?

Of course! Gig-Guide™ is customisable in every respect. We've even installed multi-lingual versions for our Belgian and Scandinavian clients.

Is there an online demo? How can I see Gig-Guide™ in action?

Unfortunately, due to copyright reasons and plagiarism there is no public demo available.
To experience Gig-Guide™ live, please call or fill in the contact form to arrange a demo in your office.

Why can't I simply download scripts?

All software applications are different and need individual tailoring before installation, depending on your needs, and the requirements of the webserver.
Most people have no knowledge of webservers and are daunted by the task of installation.
Our service is to present you with a working product, not one that requires "tweaking".