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Feedback/Reactions from Customers

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Dutch Magic

October 2006

This is what Ilse Klijn, Manager of Dutch Magic, had to say about Backstage:

" We've been working closely with Pro-Trax Software Solutions for our agenda management for a little while now.
From experience we've found Tod Logan to be competent and professional. He has been able to realise and impliment our quite complex demands regarding the agenda system.
Besides his expertise, Tod Logan is a very flexible and friendly person who knows what he's talking about.
We're very satisfied with his product and we can most certainly recommend other companies to choose for Pro-Trax Software Solutions "
Ilse Klijn - Dutch Magic

Product: Backstage (customised)

Clean Sweep

11 April 2006

Here's what Clean Sweep, one of Hollands hardest working bands, had to say about Band Manager:

"Band Manager is a super handy system where you can inform the whole band in one step about gigs, new enquiries, or a change in the playing information.

The program is so user-friendly and "idiot-proof" that even I can work with it.

The band members can check the agenda from any computer with internet access, and I can update the agenda (as superuser) with the latest info, automatically sending the changes through per e-mail.

That saves an enormous amount of time....!!!"
Jon van Gennep - Clean Sweep

Product: Band Manager (customised)


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