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Online Agenda Software and Management - Gig-Guide™ Backstage

The total package for booking agencies
Double bookings, miscommunications, hard to reach musicians - sound familiar? Using the "Backstage" online agenda and management system you'll be able to keep everyone up to date with the latest real time information.

More than just an agenda

Gig-Guide™ Save gigs, enquiries, cancelations and periods of unavailability - all in fully searchable list and calendar style overviews.
Limitless custom fields to store everything to do with the booking.
Each updated event sends e-mail to the parties involved.

Address book, contracts, invoices, reports, sales figures and much more all seamlessly integrated into one total online package.

No other software comes close.

User and Ensemble Administration


- Staff, band leaders and band members are saved with contact information and assigned read/edit/delete privileges.
- Store all necessary info about your bands such as prices, genre, catering info, band leader, band e-mail addresses, private notes etc.
- Ensembles can access only their own events, while your staff has permission to administer all events.

Address Book

Save all your clients, business relations and venues here for instant access when placing a new event.


Generated directly from your agenda, all you need to do is print them.
The system automatically gathers band leader, client and venue information from the ensembles database and address book.

Adapted to suit your office stationary.

Other Handy Features

Availability Check:
- Fill in a date and genre and see in an instant who's available
Online Help:
- Always at hand if you need it.
- See who's performing by month and year.


Please call or e-mail for a no-obligation quote.