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Portfolio - Recent Projects

This is a selection of public websites we've recently put together.
Some backend solutions may not listed here for privacy reasons.

8Ball Music (a division of TALPA) - Netherlands

Custom package to manage the tour schedules of their recording artists

Product: Backstage

Artists4All Bookings & Management - Belgium

Special management package + website.

Product: Backstage + Performer [website online end May 2009]

Brian Pombiere Entertainment - Canada

Backstage package customised for the Canadian market.

Product: Backstage + Performer

High Fever Entertainment - USA

Backstage Package customised for the American market.

Product: Backstage

De Zee Theaterproducties - Netherlands

Backstage Package customised to manage a theatre bureau.

Product: Backstage

Your Sound - Netherlands

For Your Sound we're creating a special package to not only manage the booking of bands,
but also to manage the bookings of the in-house rehearsal studio.

Product: Backstage + Performer [website online end June 2009]

Noordwijk Jazz Festival

New site for the first Noordwijk Jazz Festival featuring Dutch jazz greats such as Karel Boehlee and Bob Rigter.

Product: Festival Manager Customisation

Piet Roelen Entertainment / Talent Agency / Productions / Publishing

Piet Roelen, manager of (among others) Helmut Lotti, and Ilia Beyers, owner of Theaterbureau Ilia Beyers, have been working together for some years now.
To give their collective ambitions shape, they've launched the new company Piet Roelen Talent Agency.

Freshwater IT were proud to be given the task of designing a website to promote all facets of the new agency, and an industial strength CMS to manage it.
Features like a complete publishing database, video clips database, Belgian top 10, news + rss plus the ability to manage the enormous array of local and international talent were just a few of the requirements.

Product: Backstage

Five Seasons Music - South Africa

Five Seasons Music is South Africa's top booking and consulting agency for entertainment.
One of the demands they were looking for in a booking package was the capability to handle their unique booking, contracting and invoicing requirements.

Product: Backstage

Party Deal / Jurgen Jonkers Entertainment

Together, Party Deal and Jurgen Jonkers Entertainment form a strong partnership in the Dutch entertainment booking industry.
Their new Backstage booking system also requires a strong yet flexible foundation - something only possible with Gig-Guide.

Not only do they need dual financial systems to support both companies indepentantly, but being able to power two public websites is also a must.
Data importation, synchronisation with existing databases and mailing list functionality are also some of the requirements.

Product: Backstage + Performer /

Multi-Voice International Voice Bureau

Multi-Voice specialises in everything to do with voice-overs, script editing and adaption.
Founded in 1978 the company has brokered billions of spoken words!

This special version of Backstage utilises the latest Web 2.0 techniques (AJAX) available to create a clear and effortless booking environment.
Their current website will also converted to templates to be powered by Performer Content Management System.

Product: Backstage + Performer

Artist Agency - Belgium

Artist Agency represents an exclusive selection of local and international entertainers - 10cc, Bjorn Again, John Watts, Dog Eat Dog to name but a few.

Product: Backstage

Exclusive Artists Pty Ltd Australia

Exclusive Artists is home for Australia's most talented DJs.
Managing professional artists such as Grant Smillie and Ivan Gough, Exclusive were looking for a solution that could handle their increasing booking demands.

Product: Backstage

Linkwadraat / Kultuurburo Link / Kobalt Moon

Kultuurburo Link is a Belgian bookings agency managing more than 250 artists from 5 continents.
Being specialised in world music, we've been asked to create a unique version of Backstage to handle documents, contracts and invoices in English, French and Dutch, as well as running the system from three independant agencies.
The agenda and pricelist will also be published dynamically on their current website

Product: Backstage + Performer Agenda and Wage modules

Tour Schedule - Helmut Lotti

The management of Belgium's best ever selling artist Helmut Lotti, has given us the task of creating a special tour module addition for their current Backstage package to manage his busy schedule.
With record sales exceeding 12.5 million albums and regulary touring Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia and Canada - managing Helmut's schedule requires special attention.
Gig-Guide is of course the perfect choice for the job!

Product: Custom Software

Kliniek aan Zee - Katja Kiewiet de Jonge

New site for cosmetic surgeon Katje Kiewiet de Jonge.
Using our new product featureThis product management system, she can keep her visitors up to date with the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery.

Product: featureThis
coming december 2007

Artiestenbureau Bone Bookings

Bone Bookings is a Belgian booking agency specialised in comedy and music.
To manage their increasing booking and management demands they've chosen for a complete
Gig-Guide package to automate all aspects of the booking process.

Product: Backstage + Performer
now online -

Vrienden in Warmond / Het Leedeconcert

New site for Vrienden in Warmond and Het Leedeconcert.

Product: Festival Manager
now online -

Pasadena Dream Band

New site for the Pasadena Dream Band.

Product: Performer
now online -

Het Rapenburg Concert

Stage 2: Complete makeover from the current design
Design: Lowtone, Content Management: Gig-Guide™

Product: Festival Manager
stage 2 now online -

Exclusive artist agendas - Theaterbureau Ilia Beyers

Add a live agenda to the public sites of Ilia's most exclusive artists

Product: Custom
Now online
A few examples:

Dutch Magic BV / Invisible Organizing BV

Dutch Magic manages Hollands most talented magicians.
To cope with the increasing financial and management requirements of their business they
chose a customised version of the Backstage package.

Product: Backstage + Data importation (Outlook)
now online

B-Concept Media Entertainment Group Thailand

We're putting together a complete backend and website solution to manage B-Concept's fast growing events business.
Also to launch the most complete Bangkok Gig-Guide.

Product: Backstage + Performer
now online

Theaterbureau Ilia Beyers

Theaterbureau Ilia Beyers is one of Belgiums most respected artist bureaus.
Mr. Beyers has chosen a customised version of the Backstage package to automate all his office needs,
plus the Performer content management solution to power his website.

Product: Backstage + Performer + Backstage Mobile
now online

Band Content Management System

A brand new content management system built into Backstage to provide all artists with thier own website.
Complete with news, guestbook, bio, downloads, public agenda and contact form.
Thanks to Frans Koenn at Lowtone for the groovy designs!

Product: Custom
now online
A few examples: - Brickhouse - Pasadena Soul Society -Final Touch -Told U So -Dance Trax -Blue Label

The Music Firm - Vittorio Grigolo

The Music Firm BV chose Gig-Guide Band Manager to organise the busy tour schedule
of one of the hottest artists of this moment: Vittorio Grigolo
Customised with a special downloads manager for the addition of Word and pdf documents to an event.

Product: Band Manager (Customised)
Expected completion: Now online - English Version

To cater for their rapidly expanding international market, Pasadena Productions will also be available in English.

Product: Performer
now online -

New site designed for
Festival Management System (powered by Gig-Guide™).
Displaying upcoming JAM festivals complete with program, t-shirt order form, news, sponsors and gallery
Design: Lowtone, Content Management: Gig-Guide™

Product: Festival Manager
now online -

Holland Night

We've been given the task of automating the Current Holland Night site using our new Festival Management System (powered by Gig-Guide™).
Displaying the upcoming Holland Night programs info, sponsors, order form and past Holland Nights
Content Management: Gig-Guide™

Product: Festival Manager
now online -

Het Rapenburg Concert

Het Rapenburg Concert site will undergo a complete facelift using the new Festival Management System.
Displaying the coming year's festival program info, map, transport, sponsors, order form and history
Stage 1: Powering the current site with Gig-Guide™
Stage 2: Changing the design
Design: Bureau aan Zee, Content Management: Gig-Guide™

Product: Festival Manager

stage 1 now online -

TIM International Booking Agency

Complete site to manage the international bookings of artists such as: George Benson, Steve Lukather and Chaka Khan.
Full Gig-Guide™ package - Agenda, Content Management, Contract, Booking and Address book modules.

Products: Backstage + Performer

now online -

Pasadena Productions main site will undergo a complete facelift.
Working from the Gig-Guide™ CMS it will not only become the main booking site but also a portal for Pasadena's many projects and festivals.

Products: Backstage + Performer
now online -

Having already installed a complete backend solution for one of Hollands leading booking agencies Pasadena Productions, we're now busy designing a new look for their daughter site in co-operation with Frans Koenn at Lowtone

Two Sites / One Agenda
Working with the foundation of the Gig-Guide™ Event Management System, we've designed a specific Content Management System to power their two main sites.

Each band can be featured on either site with room enough for info, repertoire, photo's, line-up, video fragments and music fragments.
One very easy way of keeping your bands' info up-to-date!!

Find free bands on the date of your event by searching style and price range. Then simply place your desired band on hold!

Products: Backstage + Performer
now online -

Our online agenda system for bands.

Simple to use online system designed to help amateur/professional bands organise their private schedules and publish gigs on their website.

With more than 2000 bands in Holland and in Australia using the system, we've decided to stop accepting any new bands to be able to continue our high quality service.