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Content Management System - Gig-Guide™ Performer

Reach your Audience
Run your website using the "Performer" content management system.
This powerful CMS makes maintaining your website a breeze, using your current layout or one specifically designed for your agency.

Search and Book Online

Gig-Guide™ Potential customers can browse through your band selection by searching on style or by filling in the availablity form:
- select a date and optional music style and the available bands are returned for comparison.
Ensemble details include general info, images, mp3's, videos, repertoire, prices and lineup.

Performer CMS


Media Pool:
- Upload mp3s, videos and images and simply attach to the appropriate ensemble, or for use in news items
Ensemble Info:
- Standard fields include general info, repertoire, prices and instrumental lineup.
- Keep your public informed with your latest activities. Attach images from the Media Pool.
- Apart from the standard features, clients can also indicate which band they've seen.
These comments are shown on the band info page.

Public Agenda

Gig-Guide™ Events deemed public are displayed in the Gig-Guide™ agenda.
There is also a band-specific agenda on the band info page, listing only their events.

Mailing List (optional)

Using this add-on module, you can compose newsletters and attach images from the media pool to send to all your subscribers.
Users can subcribe/unsubscribe from the website.

Other Handy Features


Site Search:
- Users can search your entire site, band database and guestbook.
Featured Bands:
- Select 5 top ensembles to feature on the home page.
Extra Websites:
- The Performer can power multiple websites with dedicated content.
Each site has it's own news, guestbook, subscriber list and ensemble selection.


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